The week starts with “many”.

This is the first week  of my postgraduate study. This week is beyond my imagination and is very  busy and chaotic. I have thought about the difficulty of postgraduate courses, with which I’ll be faced. It  goes beyond my current level manageable. Chinese education has been accepted for me, the British education is focused on  self-learning which is a very different approach. There is  a lot of learning content and the teacher will not always  be able to mention it all in the class, the students must own in the module above for independent learning. I need to read a lot of information on the module, and try to gain a clear understanding of each course learning requirements, work requirements, the final submission time which is the most important thing. If you miss the time to  turn in your work, you will be faces with a possible  fail. I need an adaptive process to get myself into a high-tempo, high-volume environment faster.

It is undeniable that in this week’s study, I learned a lot of fashion-related content. For example, Dover Street Market in central London,  is a platform where high fashion and high street fashions can be found in one room, where multicultural encounters and new ideas are created.



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