Began to improve

I entered the second week of the study, compared to before, I think I started to enter the state of learning, and I began to keep up with the intense rhythm of graduate study. About fashion marketing and communication in a global context, coursework 1 requires us a work group, design a shop on boutiques or concepts. And use Key Concepts & Marketing Models to analyze the business environment. This assignment is not only a individual report, but also a group presentation. This week we organized a panel discussion. On the content of this assignment we conducted an overall sort, first of all determine the type of shop. Then the group combined with each person’s interest and expertise in the division of labor. Because our class has a new classmate, our group has six members. We use Google Docs to establish a group message sharing platform. We put the information which we found, including pictures, text, links and so on. all are placed inside, so that each team member can access the job anytime, anywhere relevant content, everyone can edit to achieve the purpose of timely updates. Among them, my favorite is our idea combined with modern technology VR and electronic dressing mirror technology.

Technology about the magic mirror video:

Screen Shot 2016-10-22 at 10.54.23.png


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