Practical experience

This week we have a special course, this is the practice course. Our professor moved the indoor course to Westfield outdoors. Which is our practice place. But do not think that is to go shopping. We went there with the task of Fashion Marketing course. This task is to prepare us  for this term of cw2. And a better understanding of the market module on STP. Before the test, we needed to  visit the Westfield Shopping Centre’s Website to choose two successful fashion brands. I should also do some detailed research about what  the successful high-street brands  are in the UK right now. And then with these contents, to the shop for the actual inspection. westfield

The shopping center is really big, and although the ground is only two floors, the actual shop area and space  is very wide. I chose to focus on three brands, French Connection, Cath kinston and Accessorize.They are successful brands in UK and they are still evolving.  These three brands have a  few things in common, it is that their products cover a wide range, they do not only sell a single product. Such as Cath Kidston. Its brand style is the English pastoral style, the products in the shop are mainly garden flowers pattern. Whether it is women’s clothing, children’s clothing, stationery, accessories, travel peripheral products, etc., each use the pastoral tone, closely brand theme style.





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