Androgynous style

After a period of study, and read a lot of information, androgynous style I have some understanding. It is not just a simple sense of bisexual clothing, now it is already a fashion symbol.

“Androgyny is a term referring to the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics, and this style isn’t news. ” (Emily 2015) “At Androgyny, we believe that people don’t belong in boxes — that in fact, most people don’t fall neatly into a single definition of “masculine” or ‘feminine.'”   (Copyright 2016) Celebrities like Diane Keaton, Marlene Dietrich, Emma Watson, Prince, Russell Brand and David Bowie consistently break gender barriers with their clothing. American Outfitters, J. Crew and designers like Calvin Klein and Alexander McQueen have rabid fans of their androgynous and gender bending pieces. What IS news is that more and more companies are joining the mix. Androgynous fashion,clothing that surpasses gender stereotypes.


Can be seen from the above picture, with a clothing, both men and women can wear. Whether it is color, version type or the overall shape, it does not give the visual discordant effect. This is the charm of the androgynous style. It is like magic, the perfect combination of male and female mutually exclusive style, make them harmonious.

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