Burberry runway show

When Burberry was among the first brands to announce that it would do away with the old, six-month-lead-time fashion show model, many in the industry had questions about how this new format would work.

And for those who wondered how showing so late on the schedule would affect the brand’s placement in magazine editorials, which are often shot a few months in advance, that too seems to have worked out just fine. The collection appeared in its own dedicated Vogue editorial, as well as on the cover of Garage magazine before the runway show even happened. The day after the show, Elle UK unveiled its October cover, starring Lily James in a full Burberry September 2016 look; Vogue Japan put the bold military jacket look on its November cover, too.

It is, of course, still much too early to tell exactly how the changes have affected Burberry’s bottom line, which has been struggling in recent months. “We need to get through this week and then I’ll sit with the teams and see what works, what doesn’t work,” Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey tells WWD. “We’re going to look at things in a very pragmatic way, and say, ‘This was a bit chaotic, but actually that was successful and really resonated.'”


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