Androgynous Justification

In order to find out if androgyny is the main trend or not, this needs to collect primary data resources. For this purpose, we started with simple questions and designed this questionnaire for further analysis of Androgyny’s trends. Participants in the survey will begin to understand the word “androgyny” through this questionnaire, who will present their own social changes and personal opinions on the subject.

As the current androgyny may still be controversial, we believe that androgyny is related to gender preference. The survey describes two areas of development: trends in the fashion industry and society. These constitute a marketing point of view, the survey also to assess the trend of fashion brand investment.

Androgyny is a fascinating field of research that has always had interesting cultural and historical backgrounds. Today, Androgyny is not just a mark of fashion trends, it has penetrated into people’s lives. It is influencing people’s way of life and transforming gender roles in society.


Our team selected the outfit from Gucci Milan Fashion Week at SS2016, which was led by the design team of the accessories designer Gucci, who made a strong statement: Androgyny is in. The brand recast all models and sets new creative directions for the brand.

The picture shows a simple tie, blurring the border between the scarf and the evolution of the asphyxia style, soft ribbon and slim silk scarf tied to the neck of the romantic bow, while the more structured material has a high quality feel. Additional roses and fixed bows are more targeted to offer, the best location for fashion savvy customers. Floral print suits also show a careful design, models fully demonstrate the “no gender difference” connotation.

On Thursday, we will be conducting a practice research of different stores which locations in London, according to the outfit we have chosen, in terms of customer orientation, segmentation and brand image.

The first store we chose is located in the Oxford Street TOPSHOP. It is popular pop brand store, it is positioned as the high street brand. TOPSHOP is not only having a wealth of clothing, most notably it involves many accessories, especially the latest and most popular models. This is very beneficial for us to observe the customer selection of neutral style of statistics.

The second store we chose was LIBERTY. It is a department store near the Oxford Street in the Soho district. We will visit this store because it is one of the most vibrant places in the fashion industry in London, where luxury brands and high street retail brands are gathered.


Link of the questionnaires:


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