Literature Review of Androgyny

In order to determine the influence of Androgyny on fashion, that is the first need to understand what the current fashion trends. The development of human fashion clothing is influenced by political, economic, cultural and other factors and constraints. Nowadays, more and more Androgyny elements are reflected in fashion.

It is also necessary to understand the definition of androgyny in fashion. Jodie Layne wrote an article for These Amazing Androgynous Looks from Fashion Bloggers Laugh at the Notion of the Gender Binary (2014) When people hear the word “Androgyny”, they often think of women wearing the same clothes as men, or that the man’s dress looks feminine. In fashion, this way of playing sex is loved by designers.

So how dose androgyny effect into fashion world? It is the early 20th century Katherine Hepburn who was the first Hollywood star to use androgyny style of the typical representative. Berry (2000) quote sum up her style “If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.” Similarly, also mentioned in “Making androgynous styles all the more popular” (Rokit, 2015) which was in Second World War meant working women and women in uniforms. It seems today, for practical reasons, it began a more powerful style of fashion.

In the recent fashion week in Milan, Gucci presents a long-haired male model in chiffon and lace shape. So bold to blur the gender of the way, in the Italian fashion brand in the unprecedented, it is Gucci’s new creative director Alessandro Michele style logo. Of course, not only Gucci show strong androgyny elements. Androgyny fashion shows are interested in Saint Laurent, Prada and Givenchy, which is only some of the fashion industry in the brand. The recent menswear series shows skirts, high-heeled boots, chiffon shirts and pink single items become a common phenomenon. Men’s and women’s demarcation lines also fall in other ways, this transgender model in the fashion show more and more popular and attention. Lindsay Baker in BBC news for His or Hers: Will Androgynous Fashion Catch On (2015) wrote that he felt the series of androgyny can be called “gender bending.” There is more to prove that the trend androgyny fashion industry is enjoying the environment. In London’s Selfridges department store, it has opened a new department called “Agender”. In this sector by 15 different designers to show all the goods are androgyny.

To conclude this literature review, androgyny style led the popular trend of this times, men and women have a greater range of blending, it is a significant progress in the history, especially in fashion area, but also a unique feature of the history of human civilization. One can use “cool” to evaluate androgyny, and even use “power” to describe it. Androgyny has unparalleled charm and gesture. All brands of designers are scrambling to develop this style. The future androgyny will effect the development of the fashion industry.


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