Research Results

The content of this section is mainly to share our findings and the conclusions in research activities.

The first task is to create a questionnaire that is generated from Google Forms. It is an efficient way to obtain primary data. From the survey is to understand whether people know the current trends, whether they to follow with this trend, how they look at the trend of development.

We obtained interesting results from the 147 answers (the results ended at 12:00 a.m. on 20 November 2016)

First of all, we analyzed who participated in the survey: respondents between 21 to 30 which is the major age group. Although this is a questionnaire for the rest of the world, most of the respondents are from Asia. And there were more female than male to join it. Even some bisexuality and homosexuals, the majority of respondents are heterosexual.

Secondly, we observe that men and women chosen the most clothes were “casual” (Figure 1 and Figure 2) we got the conclusion: androgynous style was not the most choose by people in daily. But another question shows that 45.9% chosen occasionally to try this trend. 71% think the style of androgyny is currently popular. And there were up to 97.8% of people can accept the people who around them to wear like androgynous style.


Then the question was about the participants where they have known androgynous style, the most answer options are: 56.8% of the main media (magazines, radio, television, advertising).


In addition, 60.9% of participants knew the androgyny style five years ago. They believe that this trend continues to develop in the future accounted for 84.1%.

Finally, “cool”, “simple”, “stylish”, “character”, “neutral”, “comfortable” those were us selected the main answer words to describe this trend.

The results of the survey led to the conclusion that most people know the trend of androgyny and that it is a very popular trend, it will continue for a long time in the future. Our previous hypothesis now has been confirmed.

The second activity is in store research. We choose a different positioning of the fashion brand to conduct style of androgyny project investigation.

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 13.06.54.png

The first store is the popular fashion brand TOPSHOP, we found this season there are many product design types are androgynous suit jacket, whether male or female. Among them, the main color of the suit jacket is black and 2 items are flora print style.

The second is LIBERTY, which is a collection of high street brands and high-quality brand independent shop. Here androgynous style suit jacket not only dark blue, light gray, military green and other rich colors, but also in the pattern is also different. In addition to solid color as well as stripes, wavelet points, sequins and so on.

From this study in the store, we confirm that the brands are investing in androgynous style. They choose male and female both can use the black, blue, stripes, wave dots and so on of design.




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