Business Simulation

This week we held a seminar, which is the main mission of the company is to simulate the company’s operational processes, from receiving tasks, development programs, to the production and the final customer feedback.

Our CEO was allocate us to a “Task Force” which is responsible for a decision of a large greeting card company. Each division was consist of 4 functions; Sales, Administration, Product, Development and Production. The team was buy material from suppliers, make the cards, and deliver them to wholesalers. We were not have any contact with the retailers or the end users. There were 3 specific segments of the market, watch of which has different requirements. We currently produce Mass Market goods but we could choose to the Speciality and/or High-Class goods. Each customer is a wholesaler who deals with one of these market segments. We challenge was to change our division to form a highly efficient, customer-orientated team capable of producing consistently high results.

This simulation was help me:

– Think about my business in process terms, rather than a set of separate functions.

-Analyse hidden waste and raise productivity.

-Improve communication and teamwork.

-Build working relationships with our customers.

-Manage change.

-Align my business with our customer’s needs.

Our company’s products are the favorite for customers. And according to the procurement and income calculation, we are the most profitable group. So our were win.



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