Course Work 2

For another course work 2 content is to select a fashion brand, it is audited analysis. Which we need to use before learning the strategy module, which is to better analyze the brand. This time my choice is French Connection.

I visited the store located in oxford street where many people are passing every day so I think the location is one of its advantages.
Ambience and visual merchandising:
  • The first thing I noticed when I stepped in was tidiness and neatness. At the first section of store, on the top of each rail a screen showing the model wearing the product can be seen.
  • Minimal layout
  • alternative music
  • faint scent


Information about the products such as care instruction can be seen on the swing tags. But there was something strange, I could not find the name of country the clothes are made in. The hangers were wooden with the name of brand on it. The staff were well trained and helpful. Actually, I personally think the number of staff on this specific branch was many.
Key shapes and trends:

  • monotone and classic style.
  • oversized and straight line.
  • embellished eveningwear ( sequins ).
  • limited clothing with prints.
  • mainly dark colours.

Prints and Trimming:

  • reptile prints
  • geometric print
  • floral prints.
  • beads, sequins, lace, faux fur, etc.

Country of origin:

  • United Kingdom

Changing facilities and service:

  • The fitting room was quite small.
  • The staff help you and take the clothes to changing room so your hands will not be full.
Regarding the customers I should say that most people in the store were over 30. But it is pointed in this link ( ) that their customers are between 18 to 35 which I am sure it is not true. The products are expensive compared to its competitors and quality. So I think people who have a job with good income can afford it and they should be normally over 25 at least. Also I believe that the style is not as edgy and trendy as its rivals such as Zara, Top Shop, etc.

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