Clothing and Fashion of Today’s Society

     The role of clothing and fashion is something that has hunted our society for a very long time. With time fashion is more than just the style in which something is done, it’s no longer a pattern, its also a manor of doing something even a custom, or appearance. The clothing or the fashion we wear marks our “statues” as well as our personality among those individuals that surround us. The novels we have read thus far, “The House of Mirth as well as Bread Givers” illustrates these ideas. .

The “House of Mirth” written by Edith Wharton illustrates how clothing as well as fashion is a big part of society and how it ties the individual to a certain dress code to be accepted. Lily Brat is one of the main characters’ that is chained by this very phenomenon. Lily Brat works hard by merely participating in the social life of the American upper class. Unfortunately, she is in the pinnacle of her youth and single. Marriage is her fate. Her only choice is to maintain her “lifestyle” and keep up the appearance of an elegant and fashionable lady. Miss Bart survives her society by finding ways to stay fashionable and maneuvers through New York’s elite knowing she must dress in very rich and elaborate clothing to be seen as an equal by her peers. This will help keep her friends and social statues, which in turn gives her a better chance in finding a wealthy husband.


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